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Deeply inspired by the sensual, psychological and shamanistic realms, I am most interested in performance as a palpable shift in states and energetic exchange. My works embrace desire, trance, transcendence, non-linear time, absence and impermanence. I have created and toured original experimental theatre and performance art pieces from 1991 to the present that are conceptual dramas allow for physical and psychic release and revelation. My works range from solo performances to ensemble pieces, to one-on-one performance, to large scale, site-specific works incorporating installation and performance. I performed most recently in Mariel Carranza's improvisational, durational experiments, "Encounter" and "Construal" at Highways (L.A.),  Asher Hartman's "Glass Bang," (L.A., San Francisco) "The Florida Room" (Miami) and “Language of the Land” (L.A. Contemporary Exhibitions) and in “Annie Okay” (Hammer Museum, 2010). Exhibition and performances include works at LACMA, Track 16 gallery, LA Theater Center, The Knitting Factory Hollywood, The 13th Annual New Genres Fest (Tulsa), Mobius (Boston), RAW Tempel (Berlin), Theatre Nogent (Marnay sur Seine, France), Ex-Teresa Int'l Festival (Mexico City), Cleveland Performance Art Festival, Rachel Rosenthal’s Espace DbD in Los Angeles, and numerous productions at Highways Performance Space and Crazy Space in Santa Monica. 

I served as Co-Founder and Co-Director of the non–profit performing arts organization, Empire of Teeth from 2002-2007 and a curator of Crazyspace in Santa Monica in 2001. I taught performance and PR for artists and lectured at: California Institute for the Arts, Philbrook Museum of Art, School for the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, College of Santa Fe, the Institute for Studies in the Arts at Arizona State University, L.A. County Arts Commission, Highways Performance Space, Living Arts of Tulsa, 18th Street Arts Center, Center for Cultural Innovation amongst other organizations. I was interviewed for a segment on L.A. performance artists on the PBS show “Life and Times” and have been interviewed numerous times on NPR radio stations. My awarded grants include: Arts International, Durfee Foundation, the City of Los Angeles and City of Santa Monica. I have been selected for artist residencies at: Djerassi Foundation, Woodside, CA; Luna Foundation in Colorado and CAMAC in Marnay, France.

*Encounter (2014) - with Mariel Carranza,Highways Performance Space, Los Angeles, CA
*The Florida Room (2013) - directed by Asher Hartman, Cannonball Projects, Miami, FLA
*Glass Bang (2013) - directed by Asher Hartman, Southern Exposure, San Francisco and Machine Project, LA, CA
*Construal (2012) - with Mariel Carranza,Highways Performance Space, Los Angeles, CA
​Annie OK (2011) - directed by Asher Hartman, Hammer Museum, LA, CA
Bad Thing (2010) - directed by Asher Hartman, Sea and Space Gallery, LA, CA
​*Out Like a Lamb (2008, solo) - New Genres Festival, Tulsa, OK
*L.A. Art Awards (2007, with Empire of Teeth) LACMA (LA County Museum of Art), Los Angeles, CA
The Crook: A Revival (2006, with Empire of Teeth) Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA  
*Last Waltz (Fall 2005, with Empire of Teeth) 13th Annual New Genres Fest Tulsa, OK
  Miles Playhouse, Santa Monica, CA
The Crook: A Revival (2005, with Empire of Teeth) LA Theater Center, LA, CA
*Purgatory Lounge (2004, with Empire of Teeth) Crazyspace, Santa Monica
*Love (American Style) (2004, ensemble cast) Highways Performance Space, LA
Out of Me & Into You (2003, directed by Asher Hartman) California Institute for Arts, CA
*Let Me Call You Daddy (2002, solo) Crazy Space, Santa Monica, CA
*At First Blush (2000-2003, solo) - Cleveland Performance Art Festival
  Philadelphia Fringe Festival, PA            Mobius, Boston, MA
  RAW Tempel, Berlin                             Theatre Nogent, Marnay sur Seine, France  
  The Knitting Factory, LA                       L.A. Bald Ambition Fest, Espace DbD
  Highways Performance Space, LA         Crazy Space, Santa Monica
*Give and Take (2002, directed by Lauren Hartman) Highways Performance Space, LA
Doctor Chi (2002 directed by Michael Sakamoto) Highways Performance Space, LA
  Institute for Studies in Arts, AZ State Univ.
*Always, Already, Beautiful (2001, solo) Highways Performance Space, LA
Don’t/Leave (2001 directed by Michael Sakamoto) Watts Towers Arts Center, Los Angeles
Fairy (2001 directed by Lauren Hartman) Side Street Projects, Los Angeles
Bed of Pigs (2001, collaboration with Lauren Hartman) Highways Performance Space, LA
*Mother/Mothra (2001, collaboration with Anna Dresdon) CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, France
  Crazy Space, Santa Monica
*Mood Swings (2001, solo) Electric Lodge, Los Angeles
Ravages of Time (2002 – 2001, solo) Knitting Factory Hollywood
  CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, France
Don’t Take It Personally (2000 – 2001 directed by Michael Sakamoto) CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, France
  Crazy Space, Santa Monica
Execution Funk (2000, directed by Chris Sicat) Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica
Barely Breeding: A Hysterical Pregnancy in 3 Acts (1999) Ex-Teresa Int'l Festival, Mexico City
(ensemble cast) Highways Performance Space, LA
  Espace DbD, Los Angeles
  L.A. Women's Caucus for Arts Festival
Black Marlin (1999, ensemble cast) Espace DbD, Los Angeles
John Cage's Theater Piece (1998, directed by Art Jarvinen) 24th St. Theater, Los Angeles
Memories of Mysticism (1996, collaboration) Mobius, Boston
Waiting for Limo (1995, solo) Cambridge Multicultural Arts Ctr,
Masonairy (1993-1994, solo) Mobius, Boston
  Cleveland Performance Art Festival