R o c h e l l e   F a b b
"Her outrageous style is more than simple entertainment" - Boston Magazine
"Fabb holds nothing back in her sexually charged installations. Her body convoluting in the back seat of a car in one performance, her dress covered in blood red cherries in another…her outrageous style is more than simple entertainment. By addressing taboo topics head-on, Fabb sends a message to women around the world: Take back your innocence and be free." - Boston Magazine
"Subversive glee...the players rebound like Camarillo State Hospital outpatients, and should all be brought to David Lynch's attention. The straight-faced Fabb is fabulous " - L.A. Times
"Fabb’s productions are a unique blend of sharp theatricality and subversive, sexually charged and visceral performance art" - 
Art New England
"Riveting and powerful work...massive theatrical power."- Boston Herald
"Fabb, a veteran of performance guru Rachel Rosenthal's watch, has comparable fun with this mix of absurdist poetry, emotional friezes and Bettie Page's diary pages. Sakamoto's butoh moves, Bob Bellerue's lighting and Samon Takahashi's electronic waltz theme are effective at maintaining mood.  Marcus Kuiland-Nazario's costumes are tickling, especially those of the Fates, who resemble a Dadaist homecoming court." - L.A. Times
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"She continues to poke fun at everything stereotypically female, from glamour shots to hysterical suicide attempts to adolescent dreams of baton twirling, in this humorous yet disturbingly voyeuristic devolution of girlhood, at the end of which she confesses her abnormal adoration of cherries."- LA Weekly